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Welcome to The Banner, a quarterly newsletter published and distributed by The Friends of the Fort Lewis Military Museum and devoted to a history of the United States Army in the Pacific Northwest. Here you will find the most recently published issue and copies dating back to 2000. You will need to have a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader® or other pdf viewer to view the files. Acrobat Reader is available at the link below. In addition to the major features, each issue has an article by the President of the Board of Advisors and an update on museum activities from the Museum Curator. Information about member meeting programs is also included.

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Each issue also contains original artwork by Mr. Alan Archambault, and many photos from the collection of the Museum. All earlier issues of The Banner dating back to September 1987 are available by CONTACTING us, and we can email a specific issue to you. Click HERE for an index showing the main articles and subjects covered in these earlier issues. We continually seek articles and photos for publication in future issues, so we welcome your participation in preserving the history of the Army in the Pacific Northwest, especially Washington. And, if you are not presently a Friend supporting the Museum, we invite you to join our organization by clicking this LINK. To view a Banner listed below, click on the specific issue which will take you to that pdf file.


For an index of all of the newsletters with the Major Topics and Articles, please click this Link

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