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This website is dedicated to promoting the Friends of the
Fort Lewis Military Museum and its mission to support
the Lewis Army Museum at JBLM, Washington.
For the Museum's current hours of operation, call the museum information line at (253) 967-7206 before visiting. Complete information, including entrance requirements to JBLM, is available here.

The Friends

The Friends of the Fort Lewis Military Museum was organized in 1973 to provide volunteers, monetary assistance, and encouragement for the Lewis Army Museum. The Friends believe that the story of our Soldiers, their families, and supporters must be preserved to educate and inspire future generations of Americans. The Friends is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization also registered in Washington State. The Friends is dedicated to keeping the history of the United States Army in the Pacific Northwest alive by supporting the Lewis Army Museum and its programs; membership includes active duty and retired military personnel as well as patriotic citizens from all walks of life. Members receive a quarterly newsletter, a discount at our gift shop, and the opportunity to participate in meetings and programs as well as volunteer at the museum. Help us promote an appreciation and awareness of our priceless military heritage by becoming a Friend. See the Membership page for more information and a membership application.

The Cannon Shop

The Friends of the Museum gift store is open Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday during the hours the Museum is open. 

Thanks for your past support of the Museum and The Friends.

Please contact us by email  for additional information, hours or clarification.

The Lewis Army Museum

The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00am to 5:00pm. For information about visitor access, please visit the Museum's official government website, Lewis Army Museum for further information about the museum, base access, loan and donation policies, and other details. Or call 253-967-7206 during museum open hours.


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